Carrying the world on your shoulders

Have you heard the saying?
“Carrying the whole world on our shoulders” 53844232_643904122718942_3608530302604935168_n

Without realising it we hold our bodies in tense alert pose day after day. The buildup continues as the tensions repeat, as time goes on the muscles get shorter & shorter.

The muscles & fascia become so tight often resulting in pain, tension & movement restriction. The shoulders are raised & breathing is often shallow. 

Immediate relief for tense muscles comes from lengthening its fibres and getting blood flow to clear out the metabolites. The best ways to do this are massage, heat pads, gentle stretches and exercise. 

Having a regular massage along with stretching allows you to connect with your deep self & encourages the release of the trapped emotions & tension. Allowing you to breathe once again.

Quick check.. Do a body scan, Are your shoulders relaxed down away from your ears?
Is your face relaxed, are your brows furrowed, lips pursed?
Is your chin tipped up, tucked down or parallel to the ground?
Do a quick posture check, notice how your spine is positioned and the relationship of your head to your shoulders.

Simply becoming aware of your own postural habits is the first step to making important changes that can lead to lasting relief.
If you feel you are holding tension or tightness anywhere in your body, take a deep abdominal breath & invite exhalation to help you release any tension you feel.

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