Ayurvedic Facial Massage

Treatment time: 1.5hrs

This exclusive facial ritual includes a rejuvenating cleanse, facial steam, soothing mask, neck & shoulder massage, finishing with a beautiful relaxing head massage. The massage will treat the scalp, face, neck and upper shoulders, using various massage techniques and marma therapy.

Your skin will be left looking fresh, moisturised and revitalised promoting balance which in turn is an anti-ageing benefit.

The Ayuvedic Facial massage relaxes the muscles and stimulates the micro-circulation and the lymph flow, promoting the regeneration of healthy, younger-looking skin.  It also activates the natural metabolism of the skin tissues and improves muscle tone, thereby improving the skins natural capacity to retain moisture, giving the skin a smooth texture and appearance together with a healthy glow.

Your energy levels will be encouraged to rebalance helping to bring you a greater sense of well-being and inner calm. This intensively relaxing and revitalizing massage nourishes both the hair and roots of the hair.  It improves blood circulation and lymph flow in the head area and helps in removing (physical and emotional blockages).  It stimulates the sensory organs and relaxes the mind and body.

During the treatment, you will be kept warm with your clothes & covered with a soft blanket. It is suggested that you remove makeup before the treatment.

The treatment can be combined with Back massage, Hand massage or Reiki to give an extremely relaxing treatment that will allow the strains of the day to drift away, almost certainly guaranteeing you a good night’s sleep.

If you want to give yourself or someone else you know a treat or improve your well-being this is the treatment to have!

£35.00 (1hr 15mins)